Michael Santini’s “Allegorical Journey” September 14th at River Edge Gallery


River Edge Gallery is pleased to share the masterful paintings of Michael Santini.  The exhibition, entitled “Allegorical Journey“, is slated to open with an artist reception Friday September 14th from 5-8 pm. Michael will join us in the gallery and will be able to guide you in the exploration of his symbolically rich paintings.

These paintings tell stories of the human condition that are as easily from the Old Testament as from today’s headlines. Santini’sdetail-rich paintings portray the constant spiritual and worldly struggles of good versus evil as inspired by the Bible and everyday life.

Aspects of contemplation, choice and accountability or political and religious strife are consistent themes. “My work is a reflection of me and my life and the struggles and joy that I have experienced,” Santini explains.

His painting style is described as a cross between surrealism and fantasy. Influential artists include Pieter Bruegel and Hieronymus Bosch. “My color palette and the symbolism used in my work has been influenced by these great artists,” he adds.
During his long career, the Thiensville-based artist  has exhibited his works throughout the United States and abroad, including Chicago, San Francisco and Switzerland. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree at Salem College, Salem, WV in 1968, and has lived and worked in the Mequon-Thiensville area for over a decade.

Please join Michael in the Gallery Friday September 14th from 5-8 PM for an opening reception and a first look at the outcomes of his inspiration and skill.


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